When I was a lass ‘windows’ were what you looked out of; a Mac was a raincoat; a PC was a policeman; a mouse was what cats chased; the web was what spiders lived in; ‘kindle’ was what my Granddad put on the fire;  and you went to the doctor if you had a ‘virus!  So it took me a while to get my head around this 21st century concept of ‘blogging’.

Welcome to my new updated web site and my new blog – this is all down to the patience and tolerance of Ken from Digital Nomads (big thank you).

You are receiving this post as friends, colleagues, customers, business acquaintances, and contacts with whom I have had the privilege to meet, make contact with or have kept your contact details.  I would like to invite you to enjoy my new venture into blogging – and I can promise that I will not be bombarding you with lots of posts.

I would love to hear what you think and if LYNC HR Ltd can assist you with your People Management issues in relation to HR, training, development and legal representation then please do make contact.