For Business Leaders & Strategic Managers Within Your Business

LYNC HR Ltd have teamed up with Airedale Enterprise Services  to bring aspects of training and development that can be brought to you on site and created specifically around your business needs. These can be run as half day, full day or linked together to create a management development programme.

Come along to our FREE taster session to see how this can add value to you and your organisation and how you can choose from a series of module workshops that can run coherently within your business. We will demonstrate some of the exercises and tools that we use. Topics include: –

Communication  – Understanding our communication and behaviour style; learning how to adapt our preference to  understand and reach others for that ‘X Factor’ in all our communications.

Team Building – are we a ‘group’ or are we a ‘team’. This workshop explores how our particular teams ‘fit together’ and how we create synergy within our own team and those other teams within the organisation. Linking to the company’s values we discover our team values creating our own effective team chart.

Handle Not Strangle Employees – covering issues of legal compliance in dealing with people management issues that cause us come concern – issues such as dealing with attendance, performance and conduct issues. Discover practical tools that work to deal with the ‘molehills’ before they end up being ‘mountains’!

Customer Expectations – Learn not just to become excellent in your customer service, but to understand how to continually exceed those customer expectations.

Managing and prioritising Time – Only 24 hours in one day! Understand our preferences to how we work and then you can plan and prioritise better.  We explore this and other practical tools to assist us to improve our ‘smarter’ working strategies.

Assert Yourself – How we see the world, our inner dialogue the choices we make has a direct bearing on our own self confidence. Discover this and how to distinguish between aggressive and assertive behaviours to better understanding ourselves and improve our interpersonal relationships.

That thing called Stress! – Identifying our triggers and learning coping strategies- If you manage others within your workplace there are two things you should be aware of. Firstly you may unknowingly be contributing to another individuals stress just simply because of the way you communicate and behave and how that is ‘perceived’. Secondly you have to understand your own stress triggers and take responsibility for dealing with these. In other words you have to do it first and then you have to assist your team to do it too.

Engaging Employees – Performance Development (Appraisal)  is at its best when the process is created from within. ‘Buy in’ from your people. Assisting you to develop an ‘in-house’ development plan based on the company culture, critical success factors, mission and values that are alive within the business. If you don’t know what these are we will assist you to find them! Develop a workable Employee Engagement process that can be used time and again within your organisation or that will sit comfortably with existing performance development processes.

The free Taster Session will take place on Tuesday 13th June from 9 a.m. to 12 noon at Airedale Enterprise Services, Sunderland Street, Keighley, BD21 5LE (see map).

CALL us to book 01535 607775

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