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At Lync HR we offer facilitated learning and development services, utilising a TetraMap tool incorporating NLP and Accelerated Learning principles (read more about TetraMap here).

Our facilitation sessions include:-

  • The 3 misses of Communication
    • learn how to be an effective communicator for yourself and others
  • From Lord Sugar to Jeremy Kyle!
    • Successfully handling not strangling difficult people.
    • Guidelines to informal & formal legal practices to keep you on track with employment law
  • Ann Robinson approach to Performance Development – revisited!
    • Tackling motivation; Attitudes; Values; Goals
    • Enhancing performance through Employee Engagement
  • Homer Simpson tackles Work Life Balance!
    • How to handle stress in the workplace – using recent research from CIPD and HSE that concludes that managers behaviours is the biggest cause of work related stress
    • Handling this using the HSE competency framework.


ONLY HAVING 24 HOURS IN ONE DAY – Effective Time Management



WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT – Diversity in the Workplace

FIRST TIME MANAGEMENT – Key Skills for new managers


Coaching & Mentoring

  • Individual one-to-one or team development coaching

Bespoke Training Workshops

  • Tailored for individual company requirements
“I have worked with Lyn for over 8 years on a variety of training and development programmes.  During this time I have always found Lyn to be professional and enthusiastic.  She has the ability to communicate and connect with people at all levels and  delivers programmes which inspire others to improve their own performance.”
Anne Clews, LA Direction
“We have worked with Lyn on a bespoke project to look at Employee Engagement within our business.  I have found Lyn very attentive in terms of listening to, and understanding the issue I was looking to address.  She has subsequently developed a process to enable me to ascertain key areas to address to improve employee engagement, thus improving the sense of inclusion, ownership, responsibility and ultimately performance.  We are at the start of our journey but I am genuinely excited by what I can see in front of us and am confident that we are on the right track and that benefits will materialise.”
Rod Fry, Construction Director, Clugston
“Down to earth presentation style  –  Thank you so so much!  Really useful and relevant  –  Lyn has a great style and is very inclusive – excellent.”
Feedback, From Evaluation Forms

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