Competency Framework used in Management Development

We are in June and at last some nice sunny days that make us think positive thoughts of holidays and relaxing – it leads me to some other positive thinking in some present work that I am undertaking in management development using a bespoke Competency Framework.

A competency approach for management development has moved on from what we knew as the ‘once a year’ appraisal route.  At Lync HR we specialise in both developing people in a way that is personal to them but based on the needs of the company.  What better way to understand the needs of the company than to do an assessment of the knowledge and skills that you require in your business,  together with a better way of developing our people by having specific definitions of what each skills looks like and then how they will be measured for their growth and development against it.

Lync HR can assist you develop this within your business – so get in touch as we would love to share the positive ways to develop and grow your company through the development of your staff.