“People Management is about getting the right people on the bus, Getting the right people on the right seats on the bus, And sometimes assisting them to get off the bus.”
Jim Collins, Good to Great


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Client Feedback

“Very good to meet you and the possibilities of working together are exciting. I would also like to say it was a pleasure meeting you in person. I believe you are very efficient and professional lady and I have good feelings about working with you in the future.”
Chris Oakes, CEO CCTA
“Lyn’s common sense and down to earth approach send a clear signal throughout any organisation: all employee issues will be dealt with fairly and consistently. Lync HR live up to their claim: they truly do not forget the human aspect of HR – and the professionalism comes shining through.”
Jennifer Jackson, Freelance PA
“I have known Lyn for 2 years and I have found her to be a very approachable and professional person at all times. Nothing is ever too much trouble. She listens to your needs and concerns and deals with them promptly. I will definitely recommend the services of Lync HR in the future.”
Sue Schoormans, Managing Director, Complete People Management
“I have worked with Lyn for over 5 years on a variety of training and development programmes. During this time I have always found Lyn to be professional and enthusiastic. She has the ability to communicate and connect with people at all levels and delivers programmes which inspire others to improve their own performance.”
Anne Clews, Managing Director, L A Direction